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News Archive - April/May 2019

New hotel for Faroe Islands responds to growing tourism

New hotel for Faroe Islands responds to growing tourism

Henning Larsen is to design a new four-star hotel in the Faroese capital of Tórshavn as the Faroe Islands emerge as a global tourist destination.

Located in the heart of Tórshavn, the concept gives the hotel a more active role in city life. Part renovation and part expansion, the design refreshes the interior of the existing Hotel Tórshavn while adding a new wing on an adjacent lot to add approximately 100 new rooms.

Henning Larsen’s 4,500sq m proposal upgrades the hotel from a three-star to four-star venue, and positions the building as an accessible pedestrian thoroughfare between two of the city centre’s most active streets

The expansion introduces a public grand foyer and a broad staircase connecting the streets, designed as a meeting point and pedestrian thoroughfare for local and international visitors.

Hotel Tórshavn responds to the Faroe Islands’ recent emergence as a global tourist destination. Following the Faroese tourist board’s 2012 commitment to double the country’s number of overnight stays and annual tourism revenue by 2020, the islands’ air- and sea-ports have routinely broken records in tourist traffic. 2016 saw over 60,000 arrivals by cruise ship, up from around 30,000 in 2010. In 2017, the Faroe Islands’ only airport recorded a 25 per cent rise in arrivals by the beginning of tourist season.



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