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News Archive - February/March 2013

Boutique cycling studio launches

Boutique cycling studio launches

A new cycling studio with a high-tech spin has launched in London as the trend for indoor cycling continues.

Located a few minutes walk from Bank station, Cyclebeat was founded by two London lawyers to provide a consistent indoor cycling experience.

“We love indoor cycling but found the standard varied so much from gym to gym and class to class. So we set out to create an indoor cycling experience that is consistently brilliant,” says co-founder Justin Crewe.

The experience starts when clients log onto the studio website. Having decided which class they would like to attend, riders can reserve a particular bike just as they would when booking a seat on a plane, while checking out their instructor’s profile and listening to a sample playlist.

The studio features a stadium-style layout and a motivating performance Beatboard. Based on new technology from the US, riders’ performance is streamed live onto a board at the front of class. The performance data from every ride is stored in the rider’s account, allowing them to track their progress over time.

There are 50 bikes available in each class and sessions are scheduled throughout the day from Monday to Friday.



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