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News Archive - December/January 2014

Southbank Centre revises revamp plans

Southbank Centre revises revamp plans

The redevelopment of the UK’s largest arts centre is expected to quadruple its audience for festivals, events and exhibitions.

The Southbank Centre says its proposed Festival Wing plans, which encompass the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hayward Gallery and Purcell Room complex, will attract an additional two million visitors a year with free arts and culture.

The centre has made a number of design improvements to the scheme. These include moving the end of the Liner Building back from the river by three metres to improve riverside and visibility along Queens Walk.

The design and location of the structures supporting the Glass Box have been developed, offsetting the columns from each other so that they are asymmetrical. This allows the concrete ‘bridge’ between the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Hayward Gallery to be retained and will improve the setting of the Glass Box and the look of the entrance to the new Central Foyer. The external finish to the box will comprise pre-fabricated glass-faced cladding panels above the clear glass windows of the space. The detail of the glass cladding will create a shimmering façade, which will naturally change its appearance in response to changing weather and sunlight throughout the day and seasons.

A small new café in the Central Foyer has been added and the Festival Steps to the Central Foyer have been developed to make them more welcoming.

The internal layouts of some of the spaces have also been developed to improve functionality and circulation for visitors, artists and staff.



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