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leisure design & build bulletin - January 2014

Jaymart 2014 Sports & Leisure
Jaymart Rubber & Plastics

Jaymart 2014 Sports & Leisure

2014 is promising to be an exciting year for our Sports & Leisure team. We are continuing to grow our product portfolio and are taking on several new ranges that we are very enthusiastic about. We have over 80 Flooring solutions within our Sports & Leisure offering and pride ourselves on offering a true 360 degree solution to our customers. We offer heavy duty rubber roll and interlocking tile solutions, high impact acoustic/force reduction rubber tiles from 20mm-80mm in thickness, 10 different throw down sports & animal mat solutions popular with Olympic lifting and cross fit, colourful interlocking functional flooring solutions (with or without line marking), domestic easy to lay interlocking rubber free weight area mats, several different indoor and outdoor sprint track solutions, artificial grass lanes for Prowler sleds, Judo, Yoga, MMA, stretch mats, temporary easy to move throw down areas for MMA, Judo, etc, foam jigsaw matting, to name just a few of our ranges!

Innovation in Sports Flooring is an interesting topic at the moment as gyms and leisure clubs look to gain competitive advantage and attract/retain members. Clubs are looking at the flooring as an absolutely essential part of the make up of their offering to members and a real chance to offer aesthetic differential and also functional advantages to members.With the huge popularity of functional training areas, Rigs and TRX etc, the need for innovative flooring solutions for these spaces is huge and offers great opportunity. The solution has to tick several boxes i.e.

  • Durable enough to tolerate heavy foot fall and free weights/kettle bells being dropped
  • Smooth enough to comfortably stretch and perform functional exercises on
  • Colourful/ eye catching enough to support and differentiate the new Rig and equipment from the rest of the gym
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Be able to have line marking/ patterns etc on it
  • Mobile enough to lift and move with the equipment if needed
  • Cost effective (tolerable at least)

With all these considerations to account for it makes for an interesting challenge for manufacturers and one that will continue to stir debate.

The other hot topic is Force/Noise/Acoustic reduction solutions. More and more sites are subject to issues with neighbouring properties, above, below and next door. Couple this with landlords becoming ever more conscious of protecting their sub floors, it has led to a market in offering acoustic flooring solutions to solve it. This far from exact science has resulted in many businesses being over sold expensive solutions that are not fit for purpose, and in a lot of cases uncalled for. With club estates growing in places like mezzanine levels of supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels (above bedrooms), office blocks, residential developments etc it has meant that clubs have had to address the issues particularly in Free Weights areas. Some solutions are being priced at over £120m² as businesses are being exploited under the pressure to tackle the problem. The need for closer regulation and more freedom of information (force reduction, acoustic figures from manufacturers) is needed to empower the customer to make an informed decision.

We are in the advanced stages of putting a task force in place that will bring together leading representatives from the Flooring, Acoustic, Manufacturing, Installation, and Wholesaling arenas. This consultancy will endeavour to offer a completely transparent solution to customers empowering them with all the figures and results needed to make a cost effective decision on what application is suitable.

E-commerce will also be a focus within our business over the next 18 months as we look to develop an end user friendly website for both the trade and retail sectors. These sites will allow customers to purchase and replenish products that do not require any specialist attention whilst also showcasing some of our more prestigious installations.

Positive trading volumes at the end of 2013 leave us undeniably confident for 2014 and hopefully beyond!

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