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leisure design & build bulletin - October 2015

Locking Systems

Locking Systems

Working with the industry’s leading lock manufacturers, we offer one of the most secure locking systems available on the market. We also provide various other lock types, including a simple hasp to accept a padlock, camlocks and a removable cylinder coin lock with coin refund.

We determine levels of resistance in the following manner:

  • Low Level - low resistance to attempted break-in with basic equipment. Not suitable for public facilities. Any lock system fixed direct to the back of locker doors is in this category. The resistance being reliant on the pull out strength of the screws.
  • Medium Level - some resistance to attacks from casual thieves. Only suitable for installations with constant staff supervision.
  • Medium to High Level - resistant to attacks from experienced thieves. Suitable for use in both private and public facilities with reasonable levels of supervision.
  • High Level - specification including addition of continuous angle guards and anti-tamper fixing screws. Resistant to determined attacks from experienced thieves with specialist equipment. Suitable for installations with limited staff supervision and or lockers in remote locations. Highly recommended when the facility has a previous history of theft.

At Prospec we know that leisure and education environments tend to be tough and demanding places, so we know that our kit will suffer hard use and abuse. We have a huge choice of locker and cubicle systems that stay stubbornly smart and easily withstand the high traffic typically generated by gyms and swimming pools.

We’re proud of our reputation as No.1 in lockers and cubicles. Whether from our standard range or bespoke, everything we produce is built to the same high standard. Our installers know all there is to know to keep Prospec lockers and cubicles performing at their best. We can also offer you the perfect maintenance plan to keep your installation free of in-service wear and tear and deliver unbeatable long-term value-for-money.

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