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leisure design & build bulletin - October 2015

Elegant Electra™ Litter Bin combines strength & style

Elegant Electra™ Litter Bin combines strength & style

New Electra outdoor litter container is a contemporary twist on a classic metal litter bin. Designed for the modern environment by Glasdon, the subtle colour and unique shape will blend in harmoniously with contemporary architecture.

Electra is an environmentally friendly metal litter bin with body panels produced using Vandalex® material, and the framework manufactured from steel with Armortec™ coating. Both materials are 100% recyclable after the bins service life.

Electra outdoor litter bin combines stylish simplicity with exceptional strength and functionality. The bin body panels have an anodised and polished Electra Grey finish, contrasting with the Armortec coated umbra grey steel frame, to create the unique surface finish helping to transform any location.

Ideal for new and modern style developments, such as businesses, towns and architectural areas, Electra attractive, contemporary litter container also offers excellent fire and vandal resistance, and a long service life. To see how robust this product really is, view the Glasdon Electra litter bin vandal testing video.

The Electra litter container offers exceptional features and can be personalised to suit your needs. The slim and streamlined profile of the framework helps provide flexible siting options. Why not view the ‘how to install’ and ‘operational demonstration’ videos for the Electra litter bin available on the GlasdonUK YouTube channel. A downloadable Electra litter bin leaflet is also available for more information.

Glasdon produce an extensive range of stylish External Litter Bins, Smoking Control Cigarette Bins and Internal Litter Bins, as well as a wide selection of Outdoor & Indoor Recycling Bins.

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