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leisure design & build bulletin - November 2016

Slash your lighting costs by more than 85%
Golden Coast

Slash your lighting costs by more than 85%

Switching your lighting from halogen to LED could save sports facilities as much as 87.5% of their running costs.

EVA Optic LED lighting does more than consume 8x less power than its halogen equivalent. It lasts longer, too - offering a massive 60,000 hours of constant use - significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

In fact, its high return on investment means that if you make the switch to LED from halogen today, your lighting will have paid for itself before you know it.

Built to last, EVA’s lighting range meets international safety and competitive standards. They’re engineered to withstand the punishing heat and corrosive chlorine of the pool environment. High quality underwater units are also available: pressure tested and suitable for depths up to 25 metres.

Eva Optic lighting is just one example of the many great commercial products available in the UK, exclusively through Golden Coast. Find out more by clickingf below.

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