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leisure design & build bulletin - October 2017

Give your next project the competitive edge
Golden Coast

Give your next project the competitive edge

Sportsmen and women demand the best from their bodies, their equipment and their facilities. That’s why EVA Optic LED lighting is engineered to give your next project the competitive edge.

Flicker-free and low glare, EVA’s lighting solutions have been pioneered for to deliver exceptional energy-efficiency - reliably - through sports venues: whether you’re in the pool, the changing room or even in the foyer.

They’re tested to international safety and competitive standards and built to withstand the punishing heat, moisture and corrosive chlorine of pool environments. And its high-quality underwater units are pressure tested and suitable for depths up to 25 metres.

With EVA, you can expect a life expectancy of at least 50,000 hours (under continuous use) while consuming just 12.5% of haloogen equivalents ... meaning you can recover your initial investment quickly ... while your operation benefits from exceptionally high levels of efficacy.

To discover what EVA LED lighting can do for your next project click below.

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