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leisure design & build bulletin - February 2018

5 reasons to switch your leisure facility lighting to LEDs from EVA
Golden Coast

5 reasons to switch your leisure facility lighting to LEDs from EVA

Skyrocketing energy costs... Environmental friendliness... Need for greater sustainability... Consistent lighting quality...

There are so many reasons why, at home and at work, we Brits are making the switch to LEDs.

But, for those running wet leisure facilities, the advantages of switching to LED have been complicated by the technology’s ability to peform in challenging enivornments.

Until now, says Golden Coast, the UK’s exclusive distributor for intelligent lighting solutions from EVA Optic. Designed to perform in and out of the pool, it’s certainly making waves.

To help us understand more, we’ve asked Golden Coast’s Director, Shaun Adams, to explain why the time’s never been better to make the switch to LED.

1. There’s now LED lighting specially designed for aggressive pool environments

Tested in some of Europe ’s leading sports facilities, the intelligent lighting range from EVA Optic has been engineered to combat moisture and chlorine, and makes easy work of high ambient temperatures, thanks to self-regulating heating control (ATS).

What’s more, its underwater lighting is pressure tested and suitable for depths up to 25m and temperatures up to 40C.

2. It will slash your lighting bills by as much as 87.5%

Switching to LED does more than consume 8x less power than halogen equivalents: it lasts longer, too!

With EVA Optic, you can expect approximately 60,000 hours of continuous use... Or about 7 years of use in a typical operation.

3. It will decimate time spent on downtime, relamping and maintenance

Maintenance and servicing costs can quickly mount up... particularly when it comes time to relamp a facility. Because EVA’s built to such a high standard, its reduced service intervals could save your leisure facility a lot of money.

Pool operators using halogen understand, first-hand, the frustrations of lamp failure. There are the associated costs (skilled engineers, replacement costs and downtime during replacement) and then are issues such as patchy lighting and safety (while waiting for relamping).

4. It will give your facility the competitive edge

Athletes demand the best - from their bodies, equipment and facilities. With this in mind, EVA Optic is engineered to deliver the very best flicker-free, low-glare lighting for sports venue applications (eg pools; changing rooms; foyer).

What’s more, when it comes to looking good, EVA’s ambient solutions leave nothing to chance. Because the lighting has a high CRI, bathers have a healthy glow.

5. It’s technology that pays for itself... within 24 months

If you thought that high-performance lighting, suitable for world-class sporting facilities would be prohibitively expensive, then think again!

Because EVA Optic lighting is so efficient (compared to halogen), you will soon get a return on your investment.

To find out how EVA Optic and Golden Coast can transform your next project, click below.

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