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leisure design & build bulletin - September 2018

Calorex Delta - the ultimate environmental control system

Calorex Delta - the ultimate environmental control system

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, the Calorex Delta is a hybrid fresh air dehumidification system with dynamic heat pump energy recovery to swimming pool water and air, enabling a comfortable environment in the most efficient way.

Whether the pool is for a domestic application or part of a commercial venture in a club, hotel, leisure centre or holiday park, careful consideration should be given to ensure the pool hall structure is protected, as well as ensuring that running costs and energy usage is kept to an absolute minimum. The Delta provides all that and more!

Furthermore, the Delta 14 and 16 are the only specialist swimming pool heat pump heat recovery machines to be included in the ECA Scheme (Government cash-back allowance). Because they are recognised as providing low carbon and energy efficient environmental control solutions they benefit from a 100 per cent write-off against taxable profits in the first year.

In addition to the ECA Capital Allowances, organisations can also apply for a Carbon Trust loan on any Delta system, thus claiming tax relief on the capital sum in the first year with the added benefit of an extended repayment term.

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