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Energy Infrastructure
BCR Associates

Energy Infrastructure

Avoid costly time delays and a drain on resources by including site energy requirements into your earliest project plans. Energy infrastructure is often overlooked or handed over to the networks which could complicate the smooth-running of your construction project and have a detrimental impact on budget.

Whether your project needs completely new infrastructure, metering upgrades or new gas or electricity supplies, here are a few tips to avoiding any nasty surprises:

  1. Start early
    Bringing on the necessary energy experts early in the process will establish the levels of power and/ or gas required during the build and on completion.
  2. Carry out a feasibility study
    An early desktop study can avoid expensive mistakes. Prior to committing to a new site or additional equipment, engage specialists to provide options and costs to supply the site, check requirements for upgrades or feasibility of new supply routes.
  3. Maintain control
    Timelines and costs can slip if local Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) or networks are not managed carefully. Upgrades, reinforcement and progress of the project are dictated by the timescales of layers of outsourced teams, much of the work can be done faster and cheaper by engaging specialists.

How we can help

BCR-ECS offers an end-to-end service and can provide your business with all the help you need when organising new or enhancing existing infrastructure; evaluating energy loads, network access and capacity as required. We work alongside contractors, M&E consultants, engineers and planning teams to help ensure the project runs to time and budget.

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