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leisure design & build bulletin - January 2020

Can you share your expertise at hee2020?
The higher education estates forum

Can you share your expertise at hee2020?

The higher education estates forum 2020 is on 19-20 March at Belfry, Birmingham and we are looking for proposals to speak on the following topics.

  • Sustainability in the higher education estate. With a rising awareness for the need for sustainability and students demanding transparency, how are UK universities demonstrating improved sustainability in their estates?
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Research hubs development increase
  • Energy saving opportunities
  • With student demographics increasing in the next 3-4 years, how can we accommodate for these rising numbers?
  • Demonstrations of imaginative/innovative ways of utilising existing estates more effectively
  • Accommodation challenge - how to deliver cost efficiently and how to ensure standards are maintained.
  • The need for accommodation drives rental prices up - what are HE sector doing to tackle this issue for their students?
  • Wellness and wellbeing on campus

Please email a brief outline of your proposal to brittany@hee-forum.co.uk.

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