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leisure design & build bulletin - February 2020

From little acorns big trees grow - building your dream play area

From little acorns big trees grow - building your dream play area

If you are thinking about providing a new play facility where one does not currently exist - it is always better to not over think this. Sometimes You can get overwhelmed by what is possible and make it more complicated than it is.

Children and families at a basic level just want a place to meet, socialise, make friends and play together. It is often these memories that families make on holiday or away that they remember the most. These places do not have to be huge destination parks to make an impact - but they do have to be present. If you do not have a huge budget for play, then do not worry and just add something small to begin with and build it up from that one focal point/area.

A mutiplay unit is a great place to start for any attraction or holiday park. It is unit that does not need a lot of space and it has multi play functions attached like sliding, climbing, role play and socialising. It does a lot of what you need to provide in one compact unit, and they come in a range of materials and colour palettes to suit the environment they are going into to.

Failing that you really cannot go wrong with adding swings, a slide and a roundabout. All the classic and traditional items of play equipment that children and families have identified with for years.

If you need any help and advice in achieving your play equipment dreams, then Proludic offer a great service and can come to site free of charge to make best practice recommendations. Contact them on 0115 982 3980 or marketing@proludic.co.uk to secure your appointment.

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