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leisure design & build bulletin - April 2020

Who do you want to be today? The Importance of Theming within Play Areas

Who do you want to be today? The Importance of Theming within Play Areas

A princess, an explorer, a knight or maybe even an astronaut? Themed playgrounds and play areas provide children with endless opportunities for role play which stimulate their imaginations. Children crave and need this creativity as it inspires confidence and is just plain fun. The memories they make with their families also ensures longevity as they continue to return.

Over the years Proludic, one of the leading suppliers of play equipment in the UK has had the ability to work on numerous themes - aviation, aquatic, fairy tale, metropolis, pirate, space and jungle. Some of these projects include the bespoke play area at the Royal Airfleet Museum in Somerset which included the creation of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier complete with fighter jets and a brilliant aviation theme.

For clients theming can be bought in to display branding at a commercial level or to demonstrate historical and cultural references that teach children about the area in which they live. Having a dedicated theme/story brings the area to life and helps the community take ownership of it.

If you have bespoke or themed play area project that you want to discuss then please contact Proludic on 0115 982 3980 or email marketing@proludic.co.uk.

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