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leisure design & build bulletin - June 2020

Safe, inclusive, supportive - accessible showering from Horne
Horne Engineering

Safe, inclusive, supportive - accessible showering from Horne

Safety is paramount when considering public shower facilities for less able or physically vulnerable users, especially where an objective of such facilities is to enhance and encourage independence and self-assurance.

The guaranteed safe choice is with a Horne pre-plumbed shower panel as it offers a number of unique safety features:

  • Integral TSV1-3, highly accurate and reliable thermostatic shower valve (healthcare approved). It continuously and automatically adjusts the mixed water temperature to a comfortable 41°C, irrespective of pressure and temperature variations in the water supplies.
  • Unique TSV1-3 design requires only 5° differential between the (set) mixed and hot water supply temperatures, giving the fastest and safest hot water shut-off response in the event of cold water supply failure.
  • Burn risk eliminated - user is protected from the high surface temperature of the hot water supply pipe
  • A flow regulator limits the water flow to 8 litres per minute - a rate unlikely to overwhelm a vulnerable user yet remains effective for wetting and rinsing.

Accessible and Changing Places facilities are about empowering independence, and this is achieved by incorporating inclusive design, such as optimised lever hand controls for flow and temperature:

  • Low torque operation with closed fist - aiding users with impaired hand mobility
  • Enhanced visible/operational differences aid users with impaired sight
    • On-Off flow control - single lever, rotates through 90°, black ‘water droplet’ markings
    • Temperature control - dual lever, rotates through 360°, red and blue arrow-wedge markings, moulded for easy grip

Integral to the shower panel, or mounted vertically alongside a dual-outlet model (facilitating assisted showering), the robust anodised aluminium riser rail doubles as a supportive grab rail and its sliding handset holder incorporates enhanced inclusive design features:

  • Strong contrast between riser carriage and rail aids users with impaired sight
  • Low actuation force enables easy height adjustment, even with a clenched fist
  • Pull-tab (mechanism release extender) for wheelchair and shorter users enables easy lowering of high-set handset carriage
  • Handset attitude (forward and backward rotation) infinitely variable, also adjustable with clenched fist
  • Robust and unbreakable handset gripper

Additional supportive grab rails, omitting the sliding handset carriage, complete the shower or, indeed, any accessible installation. Mount in any orientation adjacent to accessible baths, WCs and hand wash basins for Changing Places and Doc M compliance.

Safe, inclusive, Supportive. www.horne.co.uk

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