A clear winner

Lighting can make all the difference to the safety of a pool hall. Lifeguards must have good visibility into the water, but glare on the surface can sometimes hamper their view.

Pioneering Dutch company EVA Optic provides direct LED lighting solutions designed to significantly reduce glare and water surface reflection. To date, the brand has been used at over 500 swimming pools around the world.

Unlike indirect lighting, EVA Optic lights are fitted around the pool shining directly down over the water. The use of a microprism diffuser helps to ensure powerful light with minimal glare.

Industry guidelines state that light levels must be minimum 300 Lux, with an illumination uniformity value of 0.7 or higher. When installed at the Waltham Abbey Leisure centre in Essex, EVA lighting was able to deliver 321 Lux on average and a light uniformity of 0.74. EVA direct lighting was also fitted at the Egham Orbit Leisure Centre in Surrey, delivering an average 320 Lux and a uniformity of 0.77.

The even distribution of light means there are no light or dark spots, which can affect a lifeguard's ability to monitor a pool. With EVA, lifeguards can easily see into the water from their position, making for a much safer pool environment for bathers.

EVA Optic is supplied in the UK by wet leisure industry distributor Golden Coast. For more information about EVA Optic, visit the Golden Coast website here, call 01271 378100 or email swimmer@goldenc.com.

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