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Octopus Real Estate continues to support the care home sector surpassing £1 billion mark as it raises further £314 million from leading institutions

Octopus Real Estate, announced that it has successfully raised a further £314 million for its fund focusing on UK care homes, bringing the market-leading Fund’s total value over the £1 billion mark.

Octopus Real Estate’s market-leading care homes team currently manages a portfolio of 77 modern, purpose-built homes, including 13 properties under construction. As well as an in-house development team, Octopus Real Estate has a clinical assurance team which ensures that care home operators provide the highest standards of care. This places a commitment to create a positive social impact by tackling the chronic undersupply of quality care home beds in the UK, at the heart of the fund’s activities. Octopus Real Estate is a substantial contributor to the UK’s care home sector, having funded 30% of all new quality care beds delivered in the UK in Q1 2021.

Michael Toft, Co-Head of Care Homes at Octopus Real Estate, said: “The UK continues to face a severe undersupply of quality care homes. We’re pleased to recognise the strong performance of the sector at such a crucial time, and are engaging with our commitment to deliver real impact that drives positive change in the care sector.”

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