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The efficient lighting choice

For years, pioneering Dutch manufacturer EVA Optic has been transforming pool halls around the world with its innovative direct lighting.

EVA Optic direct LED lights are fitted above the pool and shining downwards over the water. Specifically designed for use in the harsh heat and humidity of pool halls, these lights have a mechanical integrity that means they last longer and will not degrade – resulting in lower maintenance costs for the facility operator. 

Direct lighting offers game-changing benefits for contractors too.

For instance, the EVA Optic EVAline system is light, easy to work with, and can be suspended from the ceiling within its own containment unit. This means the lighting can be installed earlier in the contract program and will be much quicker to fit.

This is in stark contrast to the indirect lighting approach that the industry has traditionally favoured for pool halls.

The default position has been to use large, modified indirect lights that are very heavy and require extra builders’ works for support, which can have a severe impact on the installation process.

These indirect lights are powerful so are pointed upward to avoid glare and ‘bounce’ the light off the ceiling and back onto the pool area. Not only is this inefficient, but it also creates large reflective areas on the pool’s surface – potentially hindering a lifeguard’s view.

This isn’t a problem with EVA Optic direct lighting. It produces minimal surface glare and enables excellent visibility into the water. The overhead position of the lights means they use less energy than indirect lighting, enabling facilities to reduce their energy consumption by a minimum of 50%.

Over the typical 7-year life expectancy of EVA LED lights, this represents a considerable energy saving.

So when it comes to reviewing light specifications for a new pool, be sure to choose something truly fit for purpose, and take the direct approach with EVA Optic.

For more information, visit the Golden Coast website here, call 01271 378100 or email [email protected] 

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