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Get the wow factor with EVA Optic

EVA Optic RGBW lights are taking swimming pools to a whole new level thanks to their spectacular colour range and music compatibility.

The Aquafun water park at the Den Bosch’s Sportiom complex in Holland recently opened its doors to reveal a show-stopping transformation achieved through the use of over 200 EVA Optic lights.

Within the facility’s fun pool area, dozens of A6 and A12 underwater lights were installed below the surface, while Hydra spotlights and Pendant lights were used to create a multi-coloured disco theme.

An easy-to-use DMX control panel allows the lights to be pre-programmed and adjusted at the touch of a button.

“The attractions, the audio, the video images on the screen and the RGBW surface and underwater lighting all come together beautifully,” said Project leader Leo Lorijn from contractor Betuwtech. “The RGBW lighting from EVA Optic is clear and promotes visibility, so supervisors can enjoy the bright colours while maintaining proper supervision over the pool and its surroundings.”

EVA Optic lights are available in the UK through wet leisure distributor Golden Coast.

“EVA Optic’s RGBW lighting is extremely versatile,” said Shaun Adams, Director at Golden Coast “Connecting the lights to music means you can turn any pool into a great party area and create amazing effects. This flexibility enables facility owners to achieve so much more with their lighting than they ever thought possible, while offering customers an unforgettable pool experience.”

For more information about EVA Optic direct lighting, visit the Golden Coast website here, call 01271 378100 or email [email protected] 


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